Ancient Bible

the biblical languages podcast

Daniel and Caleb are reading the Bible together in the biblical languages and discussing it. 

About Ancient Bible

The Ancient Bible Podcast is a conversation between friends about the Bible. We read the Bible and talk about it. That’s it. No “personalities”.

Caleb and Daniel are reading portions of the Hebrew/Greek Bible, parsing verbs, and discussing possible translations.

If you are interested in learning biblical languages or can read biblical languages and are looking for a biblical languages podcast, you have come to the right place.

Meet the Hosts

Name | Education | Fighting Style


Michelle Collins

MA Student, CA Southern Univ.

Hulk Smash.


Caleb Miller

BA Student, Arizona State Univ.


Photo on 1-2-18 at 10.32 AM

Daniel Rodriguez

PhD., Stellenbosch Univ.

Choking Necks.

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